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STR Investing: Benefits & Trends

The short-term rental (STR) industry has become an attractive investment option for many investors– both veterans and first-timers– in recent years. With the consistent and ever-growing popularity of platforms like Airbnb, Vrbo, Guesty, and more, investing in STR properties has only become more accessible and profitable.

Meet Alex Veytsman, Founder & CEO of The Offer Sheet

Meet Alex Veytsman, founder & CEO of The Offer Sheet, a curated list of the most unique and lucrative short-term rental investment opportunities hitting the market the previous day, delivered daily.

Short-Term Rental Financing: Q&A with Host Financial

Like many businesses, Host Financial started as a solution to a growing problem.

The Value of Home Staging

There’s no doubt that staging, particularly luxury staging, is a significant investment. By making the space shine in photos, staging sets the tone as soon as a home hits the market, before anyone even steps foot in the door.

Team Summer's Guide to Miami

It’s official: the Treasure Island Villa by Summer is complete… and something truly special. Outfitted to perfection, we’re beyond excited for someone to call it home.

Get Your Nature Fix in the Catskills

Get your nature fix (and bring your pups). As a team of adventure-lovers (and dog-lovers), it’s no surprise that, when asked about some go-to hiking and camping spots, the Summer team was quick to enthusiastically recommend their top three.

Common Hesitations Around Second Home Ownership— and How Summer is Reducing the Friction

We understand that there exists a list of hesitations– reasonable ones– that can make it difficult to take the plunge. As a team of people who are fully aware of the uncertainty nearly everyone experiences when it comes to homeownership, we’ve built each and every part of Summer’s business model to reduce discord around these barriers.